Different Types Of P

The psychic reading doesn’t involve any kind of tools, even if it’s about atrology, distance reading, numerology, psychometry, palm reading, past-life readings or any other aspect.
Currently, interweb and phone readings have become famous.

The first kind is the Aura reading, and it’s about noticing and sensing the auras surrounding the human body. An aura is known to be as a group of colored outlines that the surface of the body emanates and they are varying by color, intensity, shape and size. These particular psychic readings can tell a person’s individual features.

Considered in the past as higer mathematics, numerology involves the individual numeric values, such as date of birth, every number scheme having its own occult meaning and influence on human life.

The Distant reading doesn’t require the meeting between the two parts, the reader being able to offer answers without having to speak with the client.

The fourth and perhaps the most done kind is the Tarot reading, where the reader may not have psychic abilities. A deck has 78 cards and each one of them isn’t like the other, but the accent is on the order in which they make their appearance. Because this type of readings can be easily done by anyone, people seem to be more attracted by it. The cards usually make predictions about love , occupation, money etc.
Apart from this procedure, the tarot cards are a useful occult, spiritual, esoteric and divinatory instrument.

Often used at locating missing persons, the Psychometry reading helps the reader gather information about events that occur or people at close proximity.

Palm reading is very popular and it can be done by anyone, because it only requires the foretelling of the future by studying the lines, shapes or wrinkles on a person’s palm.

The seventh kind is the Cartomancy reading. After the playing cards are shuffled and laid out, the reader interprets them.

The eighth type is the Rune Reading, thought to be magic used by witches to cast spells on a individual or a group.

And the last one is Lithomancy / Crystallomancy (“Lithos” being the Greek word for stone and “mancy”, the Greek suffix for prophecy). Even if its current version utilizes 16 stones (for the recently found planets: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), the traditional method uses 13 (7 gemstones represent the traditional astrology signs – the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn; and the other six stones are the life, home, love, health, luck, news and magic.

Every category of the Psychic readings is interesting in its own way and, as long as the human population is fascinated by the esoteric domain, the knowledge about it will remain in existence.As long as the human population will still be interested in the esoteric domain, the Psychic reading will maintain their interesting character. But what about the particulars that were lost and we still don’t know?

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